I had to write this blog to report back on one amazing shoe find this week and also one shoe purchase this week which I would certainly describe as perfect shoes, for two completely separate reasons.

First off, check out the latest Vivienne Westwood Melissa design, Lady Dragon’s with cherries!! So super cute and in three lovely opalescent colours, with beautiful rubber cherries in place of the hearts on the old style. I can’t find them to buy online yet, they aren’t even on the Hervia website yet (the Westwood webshop) but I managed to Google image search an image. I saw them in the Leeds shop and was instantly in complete awe and shoe envy! They come in the below colours and also a pale green which I couldn’t find a picture of.

My second shoe heaven, came from a recommendation from my friend Hannah from work. Office shoes do a jersey mary jane pump, inspired by chinese style slippers, but with a rubber sole, making them appropriate for outdoor wear. They only cost £20 and come in a variety of colours and patterns each season. I got plain navy, but I’m also considering the striped ones. And I am not joking, they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had, they feel like slippers, but I can wear them for work! The joy!!

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Shoe Heaven!

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