Social Experiment: Tweet-Shopping

Ok, so before you all think I’m mental. I am quite aware that this is a slightly weird thing to do, bet you were all thinking ‘gosh, does she not have any real friends to go shopping with?’, but I thought I’d try this out anyway! I do have friends, but when I have a very set thing that I need to purchase, I always find it easiest to shop solo. I’ve got a wedding to go to next week and needed a new dress. I couldn’t justify a whole new outfit, so had the mission of finding a dress that would go with either my sky blue Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Melissa shoes or my Irregular Choice bronze coloured cat wedges.

So, this whole Tweet-Shopping concept, started last night when I tweeted suggestions for dresses that would fit the bill, thanks to Nic of @Strawbry_Blonde, she pointed me towards Oasis and found me some pretty awesome things to look for on my travels. Because I respect Nic’s opinion, I let her know that I would tweet her some photos of the dresses as I tried on so she could give feedback. Then, I realised that this might be a nice way to encourage interaction on Twitter and to have a bit of fun in doing so!

So, as I went around the high street trying on lots of dresses, I tweeted pictures with the hashtag #findmeadress to ask my followers for their thoughts, it turned out to be mega fun! Here’s a few of the tweets I sent, to show you the idea.

And here are some examples of the feedback that I received.

It sure did make shopping solo more fun! Really, fun and entertaining, like going shopping with lots of friends but without the stress of trying to please everyone. That sounds awful doesn’t it? But don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean!

Here are the dresses I tried on, I chose dress number 7 in the end, a sky blue, polka dot cotton shirt dress from Yumi.

Dresses 1 -5 were from Oasis, some of them from the mainline and two of them from concessions. I loved dress 4 from Oasis, it was in the sale for only £25, but on me the length was ridiculously obscene, if it had been just above the knee I would have 100% purchased it. Dress number 6 was from Monsoon’s Fusion line, a beautiful emerald green lace dress, with tulle underneath. Dress 8, was a perfect polka dot cotton number from Joules, fit me beautifully on top, but it was way too tight around my hips. Dress 9 was a big no, no, but Joyce of @BridesandBeauty will be going to try on this Phase Eight dress, I think she’ll look fab in it! Dress 10, was a sale dress from Whistles, so beautiful, navy silk with a chartreuse triangle polka dot print, scalloped hems and pockets with a bow belt, sadly, out of my budget. The final dress, dress 11, is a stunner from Kew.159 slightly more money than I wanted to spend and didn’t fit well on the shoulders.

What do you think of the idea of Tweet-Shopping?

Did you enjoy joining in?

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2 thoughts on “Social Experiment: Tweet-Shopping

  1. Jayne!! I sent loads of nice replies and you’ve put my stupid one up!! hahahaha

    I thought it was fun how many people joined in and I know exactly what you mean about pleasing everyone and also just hanging about when you’re shopping for different things. I can’t really stand to shop with other people when I actually need something. Browsing is fine but if I NEED something I’d rather just get on with it on my own.

  2. Tweet shopping is a great idea. I’m like you, I hate shopping with a group if I’m out on a mission to get one specific ‘thing’. I’ll even leave the boyfriend in the nearest available man creche *read – pub* and head out on my todd. This is a great idea and something I reckon I would do myself!

    And LOL at Anna’s tweet. That made me giggle when I read it!


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