Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper Eye Primer

With my Lime Crime order from CutECOsmetics this month, I was super happy to recieve a free sample of Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper Primer. I’ve been wanting to try a eye primer for a long time and naturally, this one was the one I was excited to give a whirl. Check out the super cute, dinky sample pot I received!

The Lime Crime eye primer is advertised as being waterproof and formulated to withstand heat, oily skin and sweat, so you’re expecting a heavy duty eyeshadow primer here. I was of course sceptical as these are very bold claims to make. The idea is that this cutie can help your eyeshadow last longer and remain more vibrant.

Here’s what the full size product looks like.

Isn’t it beautiful? Lime Crime nail cute, quirky packaging for me, it is a weakness I know, but first appearances are very important. Anyway, to the product! It’s a very smooth, creamy texture with a nude colour to it, so very much like a concealer, but not with quite the same level as pigment. Applied to the skin it feels a bit stick initially, so I find it best to apply with a concealer brush.

The sticky texture of the primer means you have to adapt your eyeshadow application a little for your first layer, so you will find it more effective to dab or press on eyeshadow rather than sweep on, so I might suggest pressing on a nude eyeshadow before adding colour to both seal in the primer and to make continued application easier. It’s not a huge issue, but it’s just my thoughts. I’ve not tried any other eye primers so I’m not sure what others might be like.

I can confirm however, that your eyeshadow will stay perfect all day with this primer, there’s no issues with creasing, fading or smudging, so for me it does its job beautifully. When it comes to removal you can see some of the waterproof claims coming in, as you will need to use a oil based or creamy cleanser to remover it, a bit of foam and water won’t help much, but it’s not so waterproof that removal is a pain!

Do you use a eyeshadow primer? Have you tried this one?

What do you think?

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