Topshop Louise Gray Intensify Blue Liquid Eyeliner

This is currently my favourite make up item, it was a cheeky purchase when I had some spare time in London. I don’t often venture into Topshop, because, believe it or not I really am not a fan of their clothes. It could be a whole other rant about much I dislike the clothing of Topshop, I won’t do that now. Anyway, I have to admit that they’ve done a pretty kick ass job of their make up collection.

I love everything in the Louise Gray collection, the packaging is pastel and metallic gold and the colour choices are amazing! I could have quite happily gone away with the whole collection. However, I was good and picked just one thing and I was pleased that I picked up the Intensify liquid eyeliner because I’ve used it almost everyday.

How beautiful is the tube? It’s peach with metallic checks and I just love the font that the Louise Gray name is written in, I have a think for hand written fonts. Don’t know why. The brush is great, it’s like a felt tip end, so just the right firmness and a nice sharp point, which means it’s really easy to be precise. It’s a very similar brush to the Illamasqua Precision Ink.

The colour is super intense, a really bright electric blue with a metallic finish. The metallic is enhanced with a super fine silver glitter too. It’s this bright in just one coat and dries quickly. The best thing is that it won’t budge, it stays put all day and removes only with a cloth and a good wipe. Beautiful or what? I’ve been using this for vintage eyeliner flicks, which are my standard eye make up thing!

Did you pick up anything from the Louise Gray Topshop make up collection?

What products would you recommend from the Topshop collection?

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4 thoughts on “Topshop Louise Gray Intensify Blue Liquid Eyeliner

    1. It really is a beauty, it’s still available and I would recommend picking it up if you can, it’s a lovely product to use.

    1. This would be the perfect alternative to the Lush one, I think you’ll love everything in this collection as well. I’m wearing this pretty much everyday and it’s far cheaper than the Lush one.

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