The Candy Store at Callooh Callay London Cocktail Week

At the weekend, I made my first trip to Callooh Callay on Rivington Street in Shoreditch, London. This place is an essential place to visit if you’re in Shoreditch, a cocktail bar with quirky, fun decor and an amazing cocktail and snack menu. It’s always busy and I think that’s testament to how awesome it it. To make matter even more awesome, they have a wardrobe that you can walk through to discover hidden rooms within the bar, it’s perfect.


Since it’s London Cocktail Week this week, I thought this was particularly good timing to have made my first visit and I’m very excited to be able to report back about the bars current pop-up The Candy Store, the pop-up can be found upstairs at Callooh Callay and will be there until the 2nd November. The Candy Store brings you whiskey based cocktails inspired by candy and nostalgia, in a candy striped room complete with jars of sweets and a popcorn machine, what’s not to love?


The menu is edible! Printed on rice paper, but avoid the black bits as it will turn your tongue black.

First cocktail was inspired by Jelly and Ice Cream and came with a side of Prosecco jelly (and a party hat, not pictured)


This one is clearly awesome, because it features real liquorice and looks exactly like a Sherbet Fountain…


This wasn’t ours  unfortunately, but had to snap a pic, it’s a Gingerbread based drink served in a chocolate egg with a biscuit on the side…


The Candy Store’s take on a Screwball Ice Cream, basically a whiskey milkshake…


And to finish with something a little more normal, a very good Old Fashioned…


So, I’m no drinks writer, but I’m sure everyone can appreciate how awesome this is. If you want somewhere a bit different to visit and want access to free sweets and popcorn with your drinks, this is a great place to go. Amazing location, great vibe, fabulous staff and excellent drinks, give it a go!

What’s your favourite cocktail bar? 

Would you like to visit The Candy Store? 

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