Cocktails at White Lyan, Hoxton Street, Shoreditch

A couple of weeks ago, I had a night out with my friend and fellow blogger, Fleur. We went to a lot of different places in Shoreditch, drank mostly craft beer, until Fleur suggested we check out one of her friends new bars on Hoxton Street, White Lyan.

White Lyan doesn’t look like much from the outside, it’s very plain, but inside is a simple, intimate, chic bar with a very interesting outlook on cocktail making. Almost everything comes pre-prepared in a glass bottle, no ice is used and no citrus, sugar, fruit or other perishables, and almost zero branded products.


Cocktails start from only £6, with a really lovely selection of flavours and styles. White Lyan’s own brand (Mr Lyan) booze is used as the base of most cocktails and served in chilled glasses with a side of water, plenty of water, which I was very thankful for!


The Bay Cosmo is Mr Lyan Vodka, bay leaf, cranberry and grapefruit soda. Super fresh and easy to drink, served simply in a chilled, tall glass. I love the branding on the bottles too, chic and simple.


You can still enjoy the classics too, like this Old Fashioned, which was for Fleur as it’s totally not something I enjoy drinking at the moment. Again, no ice, just chilled glass.


My favourite of the night, Yiddish Bubbles. Mr Lyan Gin, pineapple and lemon cordial and celery soda. As with the Bay Cosmo, it’s fresh and clean with a delicious real pineapple flavour.


Monkey Ball was an intriguing choice that I couldn’t resist trying. It’s scotch, cassia, chocolate, and truffle and banana soda. It looks simple, but tastes just like chocolate bananas but without being too sickly sweet.


Generally a really reasonably priced, elegant place to drink. A hidden gem down Hoxton Street and definitely a place to watch in terms of innovation in the mixology world. I love the simple branding and decor of the bar. Definitely will be going back and certainly recommend for a place to visit if you’re in the area.

What’s your favourite place in East London for drinks?

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  1. ooh these look nice! It’s a negroni for me!

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