Lucky Chip Burgers at Sebright Arms, Shoreditch

Here’s an overdue blog review for you, in fact,  a review of the last burger we had in London before moving to Brighton. Following on with our search for the best burgers in London, we headed for a Lucky Chip.

This burger brand, has progressed from a humble burger back to a pop up in infamous East London pub, The Seabright Arms. The venue is weird, well known for their live music, but for somewhere to eat, not a first thought. It looks dirty and is down a weird alley on the border of Hackney. It really does not look welcoming. They do however server a great range of craft beer and classic cocktails.

The Lucky Chip menu is predominantly movie themed and features a weekly special. Previous special editions of the menu also included a Breaking Bad menu. It’s pretty damn awesome. Very cool design and lots of geeky references.



I opted for th Danny Trejo. What a legend. Beef burger, bacon, jalapeños, cheese, Chipotle mayo and sour cream. It also comes with a chunky slice of tomato and lettuce. I took the tomato our as it was too thick for my liking.


Doesn’t it look amazing? Sesame bun FTW. Shame about the paper plate. Chips are extra too, but the portions are very generous and the are super tasty skin on fries. Well worth it, but you will be full up!


Probably the second best burger in London. Love the menu theme and the creativity in the toppings and big portions. Unfortunately, I hate the venue for food. It’s not easy to get too, it feels like a dirty old pub and the staff were not friendly, welcoming or helpful. Such a shame. If this menu was placed in its own restaurant or a Diner style location it’d be spot on.

Have you ventured to Lucky Chip yet?

Thoughts on The Sebright Arms?

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