This morning, Miz and I headed to the skate park in Brighton so that Miz could get some practise in after a very long break of not skating. I unintentionally went dressed like a Star Wars themed skater girl, hopefully with a lot more originality that the Avril Lavigne type and with my super colourful, freshly dyed hair, thanks to Miz!

illustrated people han solo rebel rebel t shirt celia birdwell uniqlo cropped trousers and star wars vans

The Star Wars, Han Solo/ David Bowie Aladdin Sane mashup t-shirt is by Illustrated People, which you can pick up in ladies and mens sizes from the awesome website, Truffle Shuffle. I love this top, it’s geeky, but classy too. I teamed it with my Celia Birdwell x Uniqlo cropped trousers, which I’ve had for over a year, but am only wearing in public for the first time today. Being a tall girl, I’ve always been conscious that cropped trousers can look a little like I’ve just found pants that are too short for me, so I added turn ups to make them more obviously cropped.

illustrated people han solo rebel rebel t shirt celia birdwell uniqlo cropped trousers and star wars vans

The sunglasses are another pair of ASOS bargains, these ones were only £3 when I purchased them in the sale in the Winter. My necklace is my current favourite from my little collection from Sugar & Vice. The bag was also a sale bargain, from Accessorize about a year ago.

directions hair dye plum atlantic blue and apple green

And quite possibly one of the best pair of shoes that I’ve ever owned? My Star Wars x Vans slip ons, that are incredibly still available now. It’s the first time I’ve purchased Vans slip ons, they are incredibly comfortable and for anyone with a geek side, this design is just pretty darn special. Miz, also got a pair, but the more pared down design of Yoda hiding amongst hibiscus flowers. If you haven’t seen the collection yet, you need to check it out!


Miz dyed my hair for my last night, he helped choose the shades and then I just let him loose on my hair and this is the result. It’s the second time he’s dyed it for me and he’s done another smashing job. Unfortunately my natural coloured roots are making an appearance now, so the dye didn’t cling to those so well to them, but until I can get a professional to work magic, I’m pretty pleased.



The blue is Directions La Riche Atlantic Blue and I’ve got purple streaks from La Riche Directions Plum and the underneath is Directions Apple Green. All of these shades were applied over the top of a faded blue and purple base and have taken very well. Next time, I’m going to try for a brighter colour on top of a bleached base for the first time ever, more on that very soon.

Are you a Star Wars fan? 

What do you think of my new hair colour? 

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