So us girls all know about a subscription boxes, it’s been a thing for quite a few years now with the likes of Birchbox and Glossybox, but what is there outside of the beauty blogging sphere? Well, it turns out there’s tons of things, you can get subscription boxes for all kinds of things: treats for your dog, craft beer, weird stuff from Japan and there’s a whole bunch of boxes full of stuff for the nerd and geek crowd. I have enough beauty samples in my house, so it makes more sense for me to opt into something non-beauty related. So, here’s a little review of my first Nerd Block, which I received in November.nerd block november batman boba fett iron man subscription box geek nerd loot crate

Nerd Block is a Canadian company, so your shizz comes from over there which from my point of view is a massive plus as I imagine they have access to a much wider selection of cool stuff than if it was based in the UK or Europe, since most of the film, comic and TV franchises are based in the States. They have a bunch of options including Nerd Block Jr, Horror Block and Arcade Block, this one is Nerd Block Classic.

Every Nerd Block is guaranteed to include a t-shirt and you pre select your size when you sign up, one of the other reasons I signed up is because they almost always include a Funko Pop Figure too which we’re collecting. Unfortunately, this one didn’t have a pop figure, here’s what it did have in it:

  • Deadpool playing card t-shirt
  • Batman plush toy
  • Star Wars Boba Fett Vinyls
  • Iron Man mug
  • Super Mario inspired slap watch

nerd block november batman boba fett iron man subscription box geek nerd loot crate

For me the t-shirt and the mug make it well worth the $19.99 subscription fee. The Batman plush is a bit weird, but looks cool in our collection, the watch is a bit random and not really my thing, but I can see a lot of people liking it, the Boba Fett vinyl are also kinda cool but I don’t think I’d use them for anything as they are a weird size. The delivery is super fast and well packaged, they make an awesome monthly treat and an awesome gift for a fellow geek.

Have you tried any other subscription boxes? What do you think? Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Nerd Block November: Mystery Subscription Box for Geeks and Nerds

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