On Sunday, me and Miz celebrated our first year together. How awesome is that? To celebrate we decided to try out a new Brighton pub for a Sunday Lunch. The internet told us that The Lion & Lobster on Silwood Street was a good bet and a very short distance from us so that is where we headed.

Awesome decor and vibe in there, decorated with so many picture frames of vintage photos and show posters, fairy lights and real flowers in glass bottles, gorgeous! Really loved it, just a mega shame that they decided to whack a couple of widescreen TVs in between the beautiful decor so that they can show the fecking football. What a shame. Anyway, back to the point!
sunday lunch roast dinner at lion and lobster silwood street brighton review jayne kitsch jaynes kitschen jayne robinson

The Sunday Lunch roast dinner menu is awesome, they have a variety of meat options and a vegetarian option, if you can’t decide you can go half and half with your meat choice. Between us we tried beef, lamb and pork belly. As standard your dish comes with seasonal vegetables, but Yorkshire puddings cost extra alongside things like cauliflower cheese and pigs in blankets.

Our food came incredibly quick, like slightly creepily quick, as if they MUST have been psychic because it pretty much arrived hot and yummy as Miz got back to the table from ordering at the bar. Totally mental, but really impressive. Drinks menu is less impressive, they have all the bases covered but would be awesome to see more craft beers and unsual, small branded drinks as well as the famous ones, this seems to be something that a good chunk of Brighton pubs haven’t caught onto yet.

sunday lunch roast dinner at lion and lobster silwood street brighton review jayne kitsch jaynes kitschen jayne robinson

The portion size is massive, presented in the apparently fashionable way of stacking it high and hiding everything underneath all the meat. Don’t know why they do this, guess it fits more on the plate, but personally I’d rather that it was presented all evenly spread on the plate instead, but it’s not a massive deal.

sunday lunch roast dinner at lion and lobster silwood street brighton review jayne kitsch jaynes kitschen jayne robinson

We got about two good sized roast spuds, two roast parsnips, mashed sweet potato, brocolli and cabbage (yuck!). The Yorkshire Pudding was MASSIVE but very rustic and homemade. The meat was decent quality and cooked well, the beef slightly pink in the middle, my only problem with the meat was that it was sliced really thin, I’d prefer to have less sliced thicker personally. Miz had the pork belly, which I was very jealous of, it was probably the best pork I’ve ever tasted and I would definitely have that for myself next time, very juicy and tender.

Overall, awesome and very good value at £9.95 each with sides for about 75p each, so totally fair. I’d prefer thicker cuts of meat and I’d prefer if they didn’t play the football as this does kind of put a downer on an otherwise beautifully stunning and quirky venue. We’d definitely go back and hopefully have a pudding next time too as that menu looks mega. Also keen to check out their pub quiz!

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Sunday Lunch at The Lion and Lobster, Silwood Street, Brighton

  1. Did you eat in the pub area rather than the restaurant? As there are 3 floors above you that don’t have TV’s I think, but as it’s such a good roast you need to book to sit upstairs 🙂

    You can see why pubs put the football on, the people that come, drink! And we all know that pubs struggle, especially old ones like The Lion and Lobster. It does have a nice selection of local ales though, you should also check it out on a none roast day as the food is good, and in the summer you should have a roast on the roof terrace, it’s lush! 😀

    Karli x

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