Please allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Jayne, I’m 21 and live in the UK in the county of Yorkshire. I’ve decided to start a blog project for myself as a hobby. Since leaving University and starting full-time work I’ve felt I’ve lost my hobbies and lost the drive to do creative things, so thought that this blog may be a nice place to start in a bid to reintroduce myself to creativity of any form.

My idea for this blog is to share my discoveries of wonderful, lovely things that I find. I have a habit and a love of stumbling upon hidden gems in the world of interests. These mainly tend to be crafty things or shopping things, but sometimes also really great recipes, films or music. So I guess this blog will be my little magazine project, just covering things that I love.

The reason for the blog title is because I love to cook and also because I love Kitsch things, as you will soon become aware! Kitsch shall be a central theme to my blogging, as will probabily be my baking activities.

I will try to keep my writing to a minimum though as I have a huge habit of rambling whenever I type or write. I am terrible at keeping things concise. I would also say that I am not very organised, so I don’t see this blog having much of a pattern or formula, which I guess will keep things interesting (hopefully) so please keep dropping by and see what I can show you!

First post of interesting stuff coming soon!

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