3 Months To Go!

Oh, how I wish I had stuck with this blog thing. I’m not very organised you see. Anyway, finally here comes another post!

Time has passed super fast over the last few months, and my wedding is now only 3 months away. And I’m happy because I’ve managed to sort out a lot! Car, cakes, chair covers, invites, dress, shoes, flowers, venue, food, drinks registrar are all finalised and paid for! I’ve still got favours, lingerie, one bridesmaid dress, hair and make up, my accessories, entertainment, table decorations and the men’s outfits to sort out now. And then we’re ready!

Sister Troubles

So far the main obstacles have been the difficulty of getting my sister (a bridesmaid) to get involved. This resulted in massive arguments and one bridesmaid still without, even a single idea of what she is going to wear. I understand that she has difficulty getting things to fit her and that she doesn’t like shopping, but I would have hoped that she would have put some extra effort in for me. We are not close and haven’t been close since we were little kids, but I’m sure if the roles were reversed I would want to try my hardest to make my sister’s special day fun and relaxing, instead of causing the only major problem we’ve encountered! I’ve now decided to stay out of the way, I don’t want the stress, she Mum is now in charge or taming her and getting her sorted! This issue has really upset me, don’t understand why she is being so cold and it is made worse by the fact that all my other bridesmaids are super excited and supportive!

Finding Pretty Things

I’ve been looking for accessories to go with my dress recently. Although it’s tricky as I have yet to try on my final dress so am not yet 100% sure what I need and what styles will go. Anyway, I’ll post up some of the jewellery I like, so please let me know what you think. My shoes are sky blue and red so I’m wanting to tie those colours in with my jewellery I think.

I love this one the most so far I think. Plus I know the lady who runs this shop so would be nice to support her! It’s from her Alice vs. The Queen collection at Candy Candy Jewellery, http://www.candycandyjewellery.co.uk/ I love the colours, they are perfect and the tea party theme matches what I ‘ve planned for the wedding so far.


I also love Tarina Tarantino things, although Mum doesn’t think they are appropriate and I’m having trouble finding many stockists in the UK, and I’d like to try on before I buy.  There are loads of things on her site that I would love to go with my dress. Although I do wish they were slightly less expensive. I love the plain Lucite beaded necklaces and also the Hello Kitty Bridal Collection. http://www.tarinatarantino.com/

 I’ve seen a few things on Lola Rose too, but having trouble as the styles I like don’t come in the colours I like: http://www.lolarose.co.uk/lolarose.html I like the ones with hearts on and would like one in pale blue. These appeal to me as they are carved from semi-precious stones, which makes them a bit more special.

Finally, I really like the Thomas Sabo charm necklaces, I would go for a pearl necklace with three colour co-ordianted quirky charms. I don’t think I can afford them though. http://www.thomassabo.com/en/start.html

Bridal Cover-Ups

Ever since the purchasing of my dress, I’ve known that I will need some kind of cover up for the day, partly because I’m not keen on showing off too much skin and secondly for the practical reason that I’m likely to get cold. I keep going to and fro from the traditional bridal shrugs and boleros, but find them quite ordinary and over priced. But trying to find an alternative is difficult. I would love something with silver sequins or beads, really sparkly, or something fur. It’s annoying with the sequined search though as they were really in fashion last season but they aren’t this season, so it’s provide a difficult search.

Anyway, best sign off now and get some breakfast. Ciao!

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