My Wedding Dress Arrives

My wedding dress arrived this week! Had a lovely day out in York with Hannah from work who drove us there in Lily, her white Mini. Got to try my dress on with my shoes and jewellery, it looked perfect. Only dress problem is that I need to get the right underwear as I have not got much to fill the top of it naturally. So happy that I still loved it though, it had been such a long time since I last saw it, I was getting a little worried. Tried on a few different Boleros and Shrugs, the one I liked best was £125 though and I cannot afford that so I’m still on the search for something as a coverup.

 After the bridal shop we had mini cupcakes and tea at The Vanilla Cafe behind York Minister. A very cute little cafe run by the lovely Nicole. Her window display at the moment is superb and her cakes are awesome!

A browse round the shops, accompanied by weird coincidences with regards to the music playing in place, The Vanilla Cafe was playing Elliott Smith and then the first shop we went in after that was playing ‘Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?’ by Peter Starstedt, which I know from my favourite film ‘The Darjeeling Limited’. Found these music coincidences really odd, as they aren’t popular songs and are songs that many people wouldn’t even know. Made me smile.

Had a good look around Sarah Coggles, Hannah and I saw lots of things that we wanted. I loved the Fred Perry Laurel collection and Emily and Fin dresses. Hannah loved all of the Vivienne Westwood things! They have a great range in there, I’m currently wanting the Melissa bow wedges which I can’t find anywhere else.


Also visited Priestley’s vintage shop, looking for bridal wraps, boleros or shrugs. They had some lovely bits and pieces but nothing quite right. Lots of lovely vintage fur which was very tempting but I think fur will be too over the top and too heavy for a spring wedding. They have my details though so they are going to keep an eye out for me. They have a gorgeous little shop there, wonderful stuff, not naff 80’s/ 90’s pretend vintage, lots of real designer items and 50’s pieces, amazing!

Finished the day with lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and some Pic’n’Mix for the journey home. Perfect.

Can’t believe my dress is actually here now, in my flat in it’s massive bag. It still doesn’t feel real yet. Even though it is now only two months away!

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