Wishlist No.1

I’m always spotting amazing items that I wish I could have. Thought I’d share them on a regular basis, seeing as I’m pretty sure my fiancée doesn’t want to hear about something awesome that I’ve found online every five minutes!

So I guess, I’ll make this  a regular feature, so that I can share my finds without having to think of a theme every time.

Irregular Choice Trinklettina Shoes

These are amazing! My colours, bows, kawaii charms and gingham  all in one shoe, how could I not love these shoes? If only I was one to wear heels regularly then I could justify them! Being 5’11” tall and my fiancee being the same height, heels make only a rare appearance in my wardrobe, and when they do they have to be practical!


Dig for Victory Dress, as found on Folksy.com

I just love things that have a 50’s vibe to them, this dress is a great example of a beautiful 50’s inspired handmade and wearable dress. I love the print and I love this brands designs and ideas, all of their fabrics are vintage bits and pieces that they have found in charity shops and such like. They have lots of nice dresses on Folksy and if you check out their website: http://www.digforvictoryclothing.com/ they also have some pretty awesome playsuits too, really quirky and a lot of fun!


Vivienne Westwood Heart Shaped Bag

Not only would this bag go with everything in my wardrobe, it would also go with the two lovely things above too! It’s beautiful. A perfect size for everyday, a lovely metallic red colour and best of all the golden globe logo which is actually gold glitter encased in resin! Much more me than the typical metal gold logo that is often used on Westwood bags. I also love that the bag features a removable shoulder strap, which is much more practical than just the handle. If only It was a quarter of the price!


There are a million other things I could share, but if I shared them all at once I wouldn’t have anything to share next time I blog!

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