I Heart Hosiery

I’ve always been known for crazy tights. It’s because I can’t stand bare feet in shoes so I must have some kind of socks or tights on. I also love how hosiery can completely change an outfit, from the simplicity of nude tights making my pasty, transparent skin look like it has some colour to the wonders of patterned and coloured tights that can lift and enhance and otherwise ordinary outfit.

My only problem with hosiery is that it is difficult to look after, I don’t know about you but a pair of tights will only last me a few wears, as I’m guaranteed to either put my fingernails through them, catch them on something or wear them away at the toes. This makes me sad, especially when you look at the cost of some of the amazing hosiery available.

I would love one of everything on Bebaroque, including the lovely scarves and bodies, but since the cheapest item is around £30 for a pair of tights I see this unlikely. But perhaps for those of you who are not as clumsy as me, this could be a gem for you: http://www.bebaroque.co.uk/ plus the photography on the website is lovely. The models they have used look like dolls (plus they are red heads which is awesome) and the hues of the shoot are ‘yum’, I also love the use of balloons!

My favourites are the Sailor tattoo style tights and the ones encrusted in gems! Amazing stuff.


My other hosiery tip, which most of you will already of noticed are the House of Holland for Pretty Polly collection. I absolutely fell in love with the alphabet ones that they did last season and rushed out to purchase, they looked amazing and I had so many compliments when I wore them to work, but sadly within an hour of wearing them for the first time I laddered them! Arrrgh! Gutted. https://valiumsedative.com/ I mended the ladder with the good old clear nail varnish trick but now I’m too scared to wear them again!

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