Kitsch Knits- Fam Irvoll

I have just stumbled upon the wonder of Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll, after reading an interview with Marina Diamondis of Marina and the Diamonds. Now then, I am certainly not a fan of that ladies music but boy does she have super kitsch style, so much fun! Anyway, back to the point, check out the super kitsch-ness of these knits and other things! Gorgeous website too!

 Cakes + fruit + ice lollies + knit= AWESOME kitsch jumper that I am desperate to own!

As well as Ms Diamandis, mega stars Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are also fans of this mad designer. Check out Gaga is delicious looking Fam cake headband!

You have got to love it! So much fun, so kitsch, colourful and talented! Check her out on Facebook too and tell her to get her designs to England ASAP!!/group.php?gid=2426979946

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