Make-Up Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish I

Ok, so to cheer myself up at work yesterday I went out a purchased two of the new Rimmel Lasting Finish I Love Fruities nail polishes, as a was sceptical about whether or not they would actually be scented as they claim to be.

They were on 2 for £4 at Superdrug so I got Cranberry Zest and Strawberry Fizz.

The range is a little confusing as they are merchandised with 6 different fruit inspired colours, but only four of them are actually scented, the scented ones have fruit pictures on the lid, so that’s how to spot them.

The scented colours include:

  • Cranberry Zest- Classic red with a pink undertone
  • Strawberry Fizz- A Barbie soft pink
  • Lemon Drop- Pale ice cream yellow
  • Apricot Punch- A yummy pale orange

Each is scented with its namesake: Strawberry, Cranberry, Lemon and Apricot.

The nail polish claims to be long-lasting and chip resistant, however I do not feel this to be true, after wearing the Cranberry Zest for 24 hours, the edges are already worn and some nails have started to chip already. I didn’t use a base or top coat which could have made a difference, but I haven’t been doing anything that would result in them chipping either. So on that count I am disappointed.

However, as promised they are scented, subtly, but it’s a great novelty! The colours are lovely on too, glossy and vibrant and acceptable with just one coat, although I prefer two coats for a more solid colour.

The colour swatches on the Rimmel website are terrible, but I would say that the colour is pretty accurate to how it appears in the bottle, in this photo it’s the four on the right that are the scented versions.

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