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I’ve previously spoken about colourful lipstick brand Lime Crime and thought I would expand on this topic as I’m aware that bright coloured lipsticks are very ‘in vogue’ at the moment. Buying a new lipstick is a great way to update your look, or to simply just make yourself feel a bit more glamorous or exciting.

Here’s some recommendations and tips about bright coloured lipsticks.

Some great brands for bright colours are Lime Crime, Nars, Illamasqua and of course, Mac. However if you are not wanting to spend a lot of money because you just want to experiment I would recommend Barry M lipsticks, they have a fabulous range of bright colours and are easily picked up in local Boots or Superdrug, they are often on special offer and only cost a few pounds. They are also cruelty free, which is always an added perk! They are also a British company, which is amazing to see. So two more reasons to give them a go! (Their nail paints are also amazing, but that is to be saved for another post)

Barry M have a range of pinks and reds, but the ones to look out for this season are orange and blue! Blue maybe for the more adventurous of us, but orange looks great on many different people, just remember to keep the rest of your look simple if you are going for full on colour on the lips. If you are not feeling so brave, why not try a baby pink, coral or lilac?



Once you have experimented with your cheaper lipstick, why not move on and try a higher quality brand? You will find the colours are more vibrant and generally that they last longer. I would strongly recommend Lime Crime, not purely because of the lovely purple packaging with holographic unicorns on but because they feel lovely on and last well, the colours are gorgeous too. I have Centrifushia and Contessa Flourescent, both of which also work nicely blended on my cheeks as a dewy blusher. I cannot decide which one to go for next though, maybe Cosmopop or Airborne Unicorn? Here’s all the current swatches:


I’m sure many of you are wondering how to make your lipstick last longer? This can particularly be a problem with brighter colours. Here’s a few tips of mine, that I have gathered from various sources:

  • Make sure your lips are exfoliated and well moisturised, I sometimes make a scrub from a little olive oil and granulated sugar and use this to gentle slough away dead skin, I then apply a good moisturising lip balm, such as Carmex, Blistex or Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream if I’m lucky! Let this soak in a bit before applying lipstick.
  • Using a primer or failing that, some foundation on your lips will create a blank canvas for your lip colour, although personally I usually skip this as I don’t like feeling too caked in make up.
  • Use a lipliner (if you have one in the same colour!) this will create a barrier around you lipstick to help prevent bleeding, if you don’t have a lipliner use a lip brush and outline your lips with a little of your chosen lipstick instead.
  • I always use a lipbrush to apply so I can be more precise, this also allows me to build up the colour slowly, to achieve the desired effect.
  • Blot your lips with blotting paper or a little tissue paper and re-apply, this will build up the staying power of the lipstick.
  • To make your lipstick more matte and as a way of fixing the colour, use a soft brush to apply a translucent powder (or baby powder) onto your lips through a layer of tissue, to filter out the larger particles.

Hope this is helpful to someone, enjoy the colours!

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6 thoughts on “Paintbox Lipsticks

  1. Lime crime is my favorite lippy brand, ever! I Prefer the product to MAC. My favorites are d’lilac and cosmopop. Although I’ve been known to rock thah bubblegum blue no she didn’t! Xoxo allisee

    1. I think the blue would be tricky to wear too, but I think it’s one you have to be brave with and keep the rest of your makeup simple, or maybe save it for nights out where you can have a bit more of an alter ego with your makeup. It’s a lovely colour.

  2. That’s a really great tip on using tissue to filter out the powder – I’d never thought of that 🙂
    I’ve not tried Barry M lipstick yet but I have some great nail varnish of theirs, I’m coveting the Lime Crime at the minute, I must have that red! Their eye colours are flawless so I’m really excited to try some of their newer products.


    1. I love Barry M nail polish too, I’m wearing the new berry ice cream shade at the moment, it’s like a sugared almond lilac, lovely! My other favourite is the mint green they do. They are just such fantastic quality, especially for the price.

      Thanks for commenting, so nice to see someone actually reading my blog! 🙂

  3. I have airborne unicorn, it’s actually suprizingly wearable, I’d recommend getting it. Tried the blue in space NK and it was like paint. Horrible. Wouldn’t mind trying the new dark blue Barry M lippy though but I haven’t seen it anywhere. I’d be lost without Barry M. I got a matte turquoise colour one recently after coveting a similar Chanel one. Goes on like a dream for being so cheap. And I couldn’t be parted with my green to pink lipstick for love nor money!

    1. Thanks for the comment Alex! I’ve not tried the Barry M green to pink, does it actually work that well?! I’m intrigued. What kind of shades do you get from it?

      Have you seen the similar product from Too Faced?, the gloss that reacts to your heat?

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