Unlikely Style Icons #1

Ok, so I’m going to see if I can make another regular feature on this theme as I think it could be quite fun. Unlikely style icons!

Here’s my first installment, my unlikely style icons at the moment are the geeks from The Big Bang Theory, in particular the characters of Sheldon and Howard. I think it’s partly because I relate to them and their style is not so far of the normal for me anyway! But I love the colours and clashing colours and prints and the geek-tastic accessories and motifs.

For Sheldon I love how he layers printed t-shirts with long sleeve tops or collared shirts underneath, with check trousers or chinos. He rarely wears jeans.

For Howard I love the really clashing colours, turtle neck tops and comic book themed belt buckles, he’s also a fan of a good printed sweater vest, as is Raj. Howard loves his bizzare coloured trousers, I have no idea where he gets any of that from!

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