Why Is Everyone Moving South?

Ok, so this is bothering me a bit now. Lots of our friends have moved South or are planning on moving South, mostly to London but some to Brighton too. I just wanted to ask the question, why is everyone moving to the South? And is it better than the North? It’s an argument I frequently have my husband, Matt and now I am all confused and intrigued.

Ok, so I have not visited anywhere in the South that much, have been to London like four times ever and one of those times was just a passing visit and one was just for a day. I always have fun in London, there is so much going on, it’s a vibrant city with everything you could possibly want from a city. But could I really live there? People can be really rude, it’s busy and it’s so big. I don’t know if I could.

I’ve been speaking to a friend who has just moved to London to live and work and her commute to work is over an hour! And this appears to be normal in London, I do not think I could cope with that, especially when the chances are I would still be working in Retail and would be working dodgy hours to begin with, I cannot imagine having to finish work at 8pm and still have over an hour before I got home. I’m just so used to be around the corner from work.

However, since London is so massive, there is so much more diversity with regards to attractions, culture and jobs. There are more exciting vacancies available and more of them. More opportunities, especially in creative industries which are where my career interests lie.

On the negative though, everyone knows how expensive London living can be, especially if you have to use the Underground everyday. Some say that the salaries are generally higher is most jobs to compensate, although again I’m not convinced. Most retail jobs pay the same as in Leeds, fair enough you might earn more commission but it’s still not going to compensate your extra living costs.

Maybe I am just not brave enough to try out London or Southern living and maybe I should just risk it one day and do it, then at least I can say I tried.

Two friends have moved to Brighton and I have another one about to move there in a week or so. I must say Brighton is currently very appealing to me. As all of my friends and blog readers know I like my quirky independent shops and brands and Brighton seems to be a hub of those. I feel that if I lived in Brighton I might have more opportunities to flourish in the areas I love. I would love to do Fashion PR or Marketing for a quirky little brand, or even just work in their shops and gain the experience I would need to eventually have my own little shop.

However, I am certainly not saying that I dislike the North, well maybe I dislike some of it, but Yorkshire, generally I love. I love how Yorkshire has a bit of everything: seaside, countryside, big cities and picturesque towns. I love York, Harrogate and even sometimes Leeds! I also like that we are close to Manchester and also not too far from London if we ever want to visit.

Where we are currently is also convenient for family to visit, not that they do too often, but it’s comforting to know that they could easily drop by last-minute and without too much hassle if we ever needed them.

I am in the middle of a massive stress at the moment, a dilemma about where my career is going, what to do next and where we should be living. It’s driving me mad and just wanted to vent some of what is going on in my head. Should I be brave and be open to the idea of Southern living or is Yorkshire the place for us?


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4 thoughts on “Why Is Everyone Moving South?

  1. I hope you’ve had a chance to visit Brighton since you wrote this post. It’s SO worth a visit (I work in Brighton but I live about 15 mins away) Like you said, it’s full of amazing quirky and independent brands as well as people. You can’t beat Brighton a sunny day, ice-cream in hand and sitting on the pebbles. I love it!

    1. I have since moved to London! 😀 Have not been to Brighton yet, but it’s number one of my day out list for once the weather is brighter. Love the seaside and have heard all about the awesome shops, can’t wait! Any recommendations for great Brighton shops?

      1. If you go, you should definitely give Dolly Dagger a visit (they’ve recently opened their first brick and mortar shop down the laines), Mama San is also worth a little look as well if you love cute things (they’re also online). I would also recommend Snoopers Paradise, it’s a vintage lovers haven and there are some lovely quirky things in there. Hope that helps!

        1. Funny you should mention Dollydagger, I have been following them for ages, they have the best range on their site, can’t wait to see their store. Thanks for your comments, really appreciate it, you can follow me on Twitter now for more regular conversation @JayneJRead

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