Wishlist No. 2

The second installment of my little wishlist. I haven’t been shop browsing as much lately, and don’t want to repeat any items I’ve mentioned before so here are the new finds.

I only just saw this, haven’t even tried on it on yet but I love it, it’s just what I’ve been looking for as a casual jacket for everyday, but unfortunatly the price tag is too steep for me to buy, I never realised how expensive Jack Wills things were, it’s not somewhere I normally look. I just saw this in the window:

The Jack Wills Castledain Blazer in the blue and white stripes, it’s so lovely, and so me!

I can’t find a picture, but you can click on the link to see it. Or google image it. Having looked at the Jack Wills website I’m suprised to see quite a few things that I love!

Another wishlist addition which is over priced is new jewellery range at Dollydagger, by Tina Lilenthal, very classy and super cute fruit inspired items, I love the cherry earrings, the raspberries and the strawberry bracelet. I could definitly not justify the price for these though, even if I could afford, but the design is lovely.

Following on from my post about Fam Irvoll, I am still lusting after anything in her collection, although it is difficult to decide what I would like to own the most! I think I would get alot of wear out of one of her t-shirts I love all of them really, but my favourites on her site at the moment are the cloud print one and the lady bird one.

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