Back To School

Ok, so American Apparel had this great pleated school skirt in store, it fitted me perfectly and I loved it but it was £50! No way was I going to pay that for one skirt! Been pondering whether to splurge or not on it for a while, since I just got my birthday money.

But then a friend of mine told me about the same skirt and about how she managed to get one from the school wear department of Marks and Spencer! So I went to have a look at them yesterday and was spoilt for choice, lots of them fit me and they were alot cheaper. So if you are also after a more affordable pleated skirt go and check it out, you will feel like a fool trying on kids clothes but you will get a bargain!

I ended up with a grey pleated school skirt for £11 and it’s machine washable which makes things alot easier. It looks really cute on and I’m planning on wearing it with knee socks and boots when the weather gets colder.

So here’s a little Shopstyle collage for a back to school inspired look. I found another pleated skirt in Hobbs for£85, which made me even happier about my little bargain!


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