Top 5: Super Kawaii Hello Kitty Products

If you didn’t know already I absolutly love Hello Kitty, I know that is such a cliche! But how could you not love the adorable simplified Japanese Kitty with no mouth and the cutest little button nose? I would ike to take this oppourtunity to let you know that I am also very particular about my Hello Kitty, as there is also alot of rubbish out there, I like traditional 70’s style primary coloured Hello Kitty, not so keen on the modern pink, super girly stuff that you can get in places like Claire’s Accessories.

N.B Kawaii is Japanese for cute, if you google Kawaii you’ll see a whole world of cuteness, I will blog more about this soon!

Here’s my top 5 Super Kawaii Hello Kitty Products that I’ve found this week!

Urban Outfitter have some lovely Hello Kitty things at the moment, here’ are my favourites:

Lovely Fisheye camera, price is a bit steep (although this is usually the right price for one of these cameras) but I am super tempted! Combines my love of photography with Kawaii Hello Kitty perfectly!

Urban Outfitters also have this awesome wall clock, there also do an alarm clock in the same style, but I prefer the wall clock and think it would look amazing in my home (if the husband would approve!) The clock it exclusive to the Urban Outfitters website, so you can’t get it in store.

Argos have this bargainous Sandwich Maker with Hello Kitty’s face on it! I think I may just purchase one of these this afternoon, I can justify additional Hello Kitty bits when they are also functional as well as cute!


Argos also have this super Kawaii mini fridge, I love the Ice Cream Parlour illustration.

Now then, I don’t know entirely how I feel about these but I do want to know where I can at least try on a pair of the super patterned ones, if anyone knows please let me know! They have the bow ones on the Dr Marten’s website but cannot find the patterned ones. Here they are, Limited Edition Hello Kitty Dr. Martens!!


Basically it is surely a known fact that you can pretty much get anything with Hello Kitty on it, to check out some of the truly bizarre things you should totally check out the blog Hello Kitty Hell featuring Hello Kitty guns, vibrators, bondage, melons and some other utterly terrible things.

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