Healthy Eating, Fewer Biscuits!

Excited to recieve my first Graze Nibblebox today, after recieving a free box voucher off a friend.

Graze is a company which posts out mixed boxes of healthy snacks, it’s a genius idea and executed in a quirky, exciting fashion. You log onto the website and fill in your details and then you can browse their menu of over 100 different snacks ranging from nuts, olives, bread and dried fruit.

You rate each snack either: bin it, try it, like it and love it, this rating allows Graze to send you a random selection that suits your taste. You can also choose whether to be sent only love it items or to have a whole mix of new things or things you already love.

You can then choose how regularly you recieve your snack box, you can recieve one a week or one a day or any combination of things! You can also now send the boxes as a gift, and buy one off boxes.

So here’s what I got in my first box:

  • Cracked Black Pepper Cashew- Delicious, definitly a love item! Exactly what it says on the box.
  • 7 Fruits Flapjacks- not tasted yet, but you get four mini flapjacks crammed with dry fruit.
  • Ohh La La- A mix of jumbo raisins, green raisins nd white chocolate buttons.
  • Copacabana- Brazil nutes, dark chocolate buttons and milk chocolate buttons.

The concept behind Graze is, when you feel like you want a muffin or a biscuit, grab a Graze box instead! Equally satisfying and much healthier. Plus the idea of recieving a random selection through the post puts an element of excitement and suprise into the mix which you would never get with any other snack!

If you want to give it a go, why not check out their website and use this promo code, a gift from me to get your first box for free:

Here’s some photos:

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