Jayne’s Macaron Making Adventure

So, a lovely friend introduced me to Macaron’s this year after treating me to an amazing box from Laudree, in London. They were amazing, I think they have stolen my baking heart, I thought I would never say this but I would always rather have  a macaron over a cupcake!

I have a few days off work to thought I would give it a go at making my own. I thought they would be really simple but apparently not! My main problem was encountered when attempting to whisk eggs into a merigue style mix. Firstly, this is incredibly difficult by hand, so I fished out an electric whisk and it just would not peak!

After a quick call to Mum, she informed me that it would not work if there were any fatty residues in the mix, turns out that even a speck of egg yolk in the mix will cause the mix to not peak, so I restarted this phase and it worked a dream this time! 🙂

Piping was difficult too, I tried piping from a plastic food bag, with the corner cut off, as I had read about online, but this was just messy! So I did a grease proof paper bag like I have done when piping icing, this worked much better as it allowed me to be more precise.

I filled the macarons with Nutella, because I thought this would be tasty and would save anymore mess being made, it worked a treat, they don’t look the prettiest but they are certainly delicious!

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1 thought on “Jayne’s Macaron Making Adventure

  1. I could never attempt to make this – i am too impatient to bake. But you have done a great job, and they look really yummy. I LIKE! x

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