Lady Luck Rules Ok Returns For Solo Project: Thrift-ola!

I am so excited about this! As some may know, jewellery and accessory brand Lady Luck Rules Ok closed down last year. It was a sad loss, as they produced beautiful kitsch, customised, cute jewellery that was great value and excellent quality. After the brand stopped trading there was a few months in which its creator Leona, toured the country giving talks on how to set up a small company and then she was gone.

This week I have discovered that Leona is to return with an exciting solo venture, Thrift-ola. This new online shopping experience aims to bring the junk shop, charity shop and antique store to the comfort of your home. Leona is hand-picking bric-a-brac, homewares, books, accessories and other bits and bobs from a variety of jumble sales, junk shops and vintage shops. These items will then go for sale on the Thrift-ola online shop, for a fair price and without any bidding that may put off shoppers from places such as eBay.

Thrift-ola is sure to bring a fun and exciting blend of vintage, kitsch and retro. Items will be picked for their charm and fun, not because of their collectable value or bcause they are a trend. Check out Leona’s Facebook page for a sneak-peek! And check out the Thrift-ola website to sign up for updates. The Thrift-ola website is due to launch in March.!/thriftola

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2 thoughts on “Lady Luck Rules Ok Returns For Solo Project: Thrift-ola!

  1. Cool, Can’t wait!

    1. Me neither, it’s going to be so amazing! Thanks for commenting!

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