Scrabble Time!

Me and the hubbie are big board game fans, one of the classics that we love the most is Scrabble, despite me being terrible at it and the fact that he always wins! When I saw these Scrabble related products I could not help but squeak with delight, they are just so awesome, and boy friendly home accessories!

I want a whole range of this cushions from Bloomsbury & Co, we just bought a huge corner sofa and I think it would look so cool to have the vast space filled with a bunch of these!

Found these via tweets from Elsiebelle, who do the most adorable Scrabble tile necklaces, vintage Scrabble tiles too, which make them all the more sweet.

Check out one of my fave site, Folksy for a whole range of other Scrabble related crafty bits, like this quirky take on the idea from Craftorama UK.

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1 thought on “Scrabble Time!

  1. I love all these Scrabble themed items. They are so fun. I always used to play with my nan – she was a great player, me not so much. I love the cushions and the single tile necklace. Very fun

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