Style Interview: Diva Hollywood

Diva Hollywood is a burlesque performer and model from the North West of England. Diva also co-promotes the Liverpool Dr.Sketchy’s and is a member of Kinky Darling Productions. Having performed around the world, Diva Hollywood is renowned for her fun, creative and original acts that bring together the glamour of vintage with lashings of comedy and intelligent use of costumes and props. Diva’s latest act features two 6 foot whips, something that is not to be missed for certain!

Again, Diva is one of the lovely Burlesquers that I have been lucky enough to work with myself. The attached photos include  one of my photos, a photos that Diva and I collaboratively edited together and the whip photo is by InGlo Photography.

How would you describe your on-stage style?

I think I would describe myself as having fun on stage. My smile is genuine, I love what I do and I think it shows in my performances. I also think there is a touch of the sass to my style. Being older I can’t do cheese cake so when I do some thing provocative I do it with humour. As I have progressed in burlesque my acts have become more confident. They are all about the strength of woman on stage. My new double bull whip cracking act is all about style and power.

Do you maintain the Burlesque glamour off-stage?

Mostly I love the 50’s style and I have a large collection of hats and dress’ that I love to wear. I also have a huge collections of shoes and coats. But after I have been doing a lot of gigs one after the other I do like to slip in to combats, wear no make up and just have my hair in a pony tail.

Where do you get most of your costumes/ clothes?

Ebay is a god send as I don’t like clothes shopping in town. I also love going to charity shops and picking up interesting and vintage pieces. I make a lot of my own costumes but mix them up with things that I have bought and modified. It means that you know someone else is not going to be wearing the same costume as you.

What is your favourite item to wear?

I have two at the moment I love my pony tail form Annabelle’s Wigs. I can just pop some victory rolls in the front of my hair and pop that on the back and feel very glamourous. I also love my red star pasties that I got from Satans Angel. I wear them for my new act and they spin so well. They are also signed. It makes me feel great to wear something that was made by a legend!

Who are you style icons and inspiration?

Oh thats a hard one I have so many. Bettie Davies as she was never afraid to be who she was. Sofia Loren as she mixed sexiness with sophistication. Lee Bowery for his wild designs and Alexander Mcqueen for the same reason. I could go on but you don’t want me to write a book.

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