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My first self portrait for a long time, I’ve take this one to show off my lovely new lipstick from my current brand love, Illasmasqua. This blog will be reviewing three Illamasqua products that I own: Encounter lipstick, 4 Colour Liquid Metal palette (from A/W 10) and Throb nail polish. I’ve been a regular customer at Illamasqua’s store on Beak Street, which is off Carnaby Street in Soho, London. The staff are highly skilled make up artists, friendly and really know their stuff. It’s the first make up shop that I have not felt pressured to buy in and when I ask for advise I know that I am getting honest and informed advise.

Illamasqua ‘Encounter’ Lipstick Review

The lipstick I am wearing in the photo above is, Encounter, a classic matte red lipstick. This product is incredible quality, make up artist quality. It is easy to apply and create an intense, solid, matte red. I applied mine with a lip brush for precision and also because the thinner layers make it more comfortable and long lasting (in my opinion) I have worn this lipstick on number of occasions and have found that the colour is very long lasting, it does not come off during eating and drinking and only really needs refreshing after about 8 hours. Amazing stuff. I would comment though that it does feel a little drying after some wear, but this is a compromise worth having for the vibrancy and the matte finish. Moisturising lipsticks tend to be gloss and that is not my taste.

Illamasqua 4 Colour Liquid Metal Palette Review

I was lucky enough to receive the 4 Colour Liquid Metal palette for Christmas last year, it’s the one from the Art of Darkness range and contains four squares of metal cream colour: red, green, gold and blue. These work well with a brush as a liner or applied with sponges or your fingers for sheer metal colour that can be layered and blended beautifully. Unfortunately, because of the cream nature of these they do tend to crease and melt after some wear. I think this is perhaps manageable by using a type of primer or something like Benefit’s She-laq which offers to fix make up for long periods of time. Illamasqua themselves have recently released a Sealing Gel product which I believe would combat this problem, although I have not tried it myself yet. The liquid metal are also available as singles in a range of other colours.

Illamasqua Throb Nail Polish Review

I received this as a thank you gift for helping out a local PR company, Purple PR, the other day, so kind! Thank you ladies. I was delighted as I was just being genuinely helpful and was not expecting any kind of reward. Anyway, I’m not going to say no to a gift, especially when it’s from Illamasqua! I tried this polish today, it’s called Throb and was released for Valentine’s Day this year. Another classic red, it goes great with my Encounter lipstick. The nail polish goes on really smoothly and one coat is enough for really even solid colour. It also dried really quickly, by the time I’d finished the second hand the first was done, so rare and a justification for the price for sure! The rest of Illamasqua’s nail polish range features a wide range of unusual and exciting colours, their latest collection, Toxic Nature features neons and obscure pastel shades, well worth a look.

I think Illasmasqua is going to be a regular purchase from now on, what do you recommend for my next product to try? What other brands do you love? Tweet me @JayneJRead

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