Greenwich Market Gems

Our lovely friends took us to Greenwich for the first time last Sunday, it was such a perfect choice for a day out, the weather was perfect and the location awesome. We had never been before and I found it amazing how you can go from the high rise city feel of Canary Wharf to a few stops away on the DLR to Greenwich which feels like a little village that should be by the sea or something. Very odd.

We enjoyed breakfast at Royal Teas, a vegetarian tea rooms on the outskirts of Greenwich, tucked away amongst all the beautiful houses and little pubs. So pretty. I had waffles with maple syrup, vanilla ice cream and summer fruits, it was perfect and a vanilla milkshake to drink. Well worth the little queue to get in. A tiny little place but so worth going to find! Everything is served in mis-matched china too, which is so cute.

We then had a leisurely wander through the park to see the magnificent views from the high and to stand on the time zone line. A short walk down the steep hill, we arrived in Greenwich village and it’s famous market. Bustling with so many exciting food and craft stands and surrounded by a range of quirky boutique and art shops.

My two top finds in Greenwich Market include Sika Designs and Tippawan. Sika Designs is one of the boutiques around the market courtyard selling beautiful womens wear and girls wear. Beautiful, traditional and very wearable designs such as pencil dresses, circle skirted dresses and shirt dresses with dramatic puffed sleeves, but all with the unusual touch of being in the most vibrant and exciting African printed cotton. All handmade in Ghana in beautiful traditional prints in 100% cotton. I’ve not seen anything like it before. So many bright colours and gorgeous prints. I’m definitely going back on pay day, as at price ranges between £79 – £130 these are really reasonably priced beauties. Here are two of my faves, but pretty much everything is divine!

My second find was the beautiful stall on the market from Tipawan a range of handmade hair accessories, brooches, bookmarks and bags with a cute, vintage, kitsch feel. The range features knitted pieces such as cherries, strawberries, watermelon slices and even panda bears! There are also beautiful fabric origami flowers in a range of pretty colours and fabrics. I was spoilt for choice and the prices were so reasonable as well. Here’ s my self portrait wearing what I decided upon. Seriously, how cute are these clips? I love them and have gotten loads of wear out of them.

What secrets have you found in Greenwich or other parts of London? Tweet me @JayneJRead or leave a comment below…

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