Guest Blog: Sailorette’s Guide to Vintage in Lisbon, Portugal

Myself and Mafalda of Portugal based retro blog, Sailorette have teamed up to bring our readers a little series of guest blogs. Below is Mafalda’s first contribution to Jayne’s Kitschen, bringing you a guide to Vintage and Retro culture in her home city of Lisbon, Portugal. 

Whilst out and about London, getting to know the local vintage scene, I’d often get asked about vintage is in Portugal. Do a lot of people wear it, what decades are most popular, is there a vintage culture? Thus it’s only natural I should come to write this, even if as a reply.

Like most my readers know, I’ve lived in Lisbon for the past four years, two of which I’ve been more and more into retro and vintage. The scene has grown immensely over this period, having been enriched by the flourishing of Cais do Sodré Cabaret! and follow up projects, the opening of two very special shops in Bairro Alto and the recent viral trends inspired by catwalks. This is my comprised vintage guide to Lisbon, enjoy!

Feira da Ladra, the city’s historic flea market, is a gem you won’t want to miss out on. Taking place every Tuesday and Saturday early morning ’til afternoon uptown in Mercado de Sta. Clara, it’s the spot to go sightseeing or look for antiques, vintage and second hand clothing, jewellery, etc. You can even take the original tram with a view to some of the cities’ most interesting neighborhoods on your way over – the perfect way to spend a morning.

A Outra Face da Lua (est. 1996) is the first name that comes to mind , with their own Tea Room, Outlet (est. 2009) and twin store Viúva Alegre (est. 2010). This extremely popular vintage emporium stocks mostly 1960s to 1980s clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. Either you’re just looking for cool drinks or want a gander around trendy vintage frocks, find them at Rua da Assunção, no. 22 (A Outra Face da Lua & Tea Room)  ~ Rua de São Nicolau, 17 (Outlet) ~ Rua dos Douradores, 119 (A Viúva Alegre)

El Dorado is the oldest running vintage store, established in 1978, that started by stocking different or unique pieces. Besides great nightwear vintage for ladies and gents, you may find quirky brands with a retro flare such as Kling and Lollipops plus vinyl records in this beautifully decorated shop.  Rua do Norte, nº 23/25

Blow Up Vintage opened in Bairro Alto in 2010 with a strong inclination towards 60s/mod revival, as the name suggests. Their core stock consists of 2nd hand retro or vintage fun and timeless threads with extremely attractive price tags, highlight street style staples such as classic Adidas sneakers, Fred Perry bags or polos, and modern accessories by Miss AP. Rua da Rosa, nº 31

Ás de Espadas, like Blow Up, is yet to celebrate its first anniversary but has already gathered an alternatively fashionable following. From darker styles to mid-century vintage, their handpicked stock is also easy on the wallet. You’ll be sure to find a delightful selection of 50s to date flattering garbs, pristine handbags and travel suitcases plus old and new accessories. They are also the sole stockists of the glamorous Besame Cosmetics in Portugal!  Rua do Norte, nº 23/25

Geraldine was one of the first vintage shops I found, now moved into a great new place. It’s an extremely pleasant spot where there are always a variety of events, performances or workshops taking place, snacks and drinks served through the day and an all around vintage furniture and frocks shop. Travessa da Glória, 18 – 1º
MUDE is a free entry fashion and design museum that hosts excellent permanent and temporary retrospective exhibitions. Showing fromYves Saint Laurent dresses to Vespas and national designers’ creations, it’s definitely a place of interest if you like 20th century design and design. Rua Augusta, nº 24

Pavilhão Chinês was originally a grocery shop later re-opened in 1986 as a tea room and bar. Its five rooms are up to the ceiling in  antiques, filled with a misty atmosphere that makes it unique. Rua Dom Pedro V, nº 89
If you love your era music aswell, the best spots for selections of CD and vinyl are Carbono (Rua do Telhal, nº6 B), Groovie Records (Calçada Salvador Correia de Sá, nº 20 – 1º esq.) and Magic Bus (Calçada do Duque, 17-A).

If you’re a fan of retro american diners, try the Great American Disaster for milkshakes, burgers and pizza in the middle of town (Praça Marquês de Pombal 1, 1º andar) or The Fifties, with the same american diner style menu and kitsch decor to go with the music (Avenida Dom João II, Lt 1.17.02 loja B)
Cinemateca Portuguesa is a cinema and film museum screening classic film from the XX century every day. After seeing the exhibition and watching your flick of choice for €2.50, you may still snack at the 39 Steps café upstairs. Rua Barata Salgueiro, 39

For the night owls, best place is Indie Rock Cafe in Travessa dos Inglesinhos 49 for all around rock n roll music, and occasional The Wonderland Club nights at Berlin Bar at Rua Diário de Notícias, 125 if you’re a fan of 1960s R n’ B, rock n’ roll & garage.

There’s a lot more to this town, as to any other, but these are some of my favourites – and hopefully will become yours aswell.

To find out more about Malfada’s lovely blog visit her at, become a fan on Facebook or follow her on Twitter @Sailorettes and watch out for my contribution on Sailorettes coming very soon! To get the latest news from me, follow me on Twitter @JayneJRead or on Facebook.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities of a guest blog or blog swap? Please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help each other!

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    1. You are welcome, but you should thank Mafalda of Sailorettes, she’s the one who wrote this post.

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