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I really wanted to share this new site with you that I have been having alot of fun with. It’s called Pinterest It’s an exclusive, invite only site that allows users to pin images from anywhere on the web onto virtual pin boards, which you can theme and add notes to. You can also follow other pinners and repin items from other users. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone who works in a creative industry, you could use it to plan a theme for an interior, to collect inspiration for a design project or a party or simply just collect a list of things that you love! I love the focus on the visuals and the way it looks is just divine.

I was introduced to the site via Twitter member @notthekind who has a lovely blog and is part of Scottish crafty shop Made in the Shade, who have just launched a gorgeous web shop. So many thank to the lovely and very helpful Carrie for introducing me to the wonderful world of Pinterest!

Pinterest could be compared to Tumblr, it’s a similar concept, but Pinterest is far more sophisticated and the content on there has a more appealing quality to it, as well as the presentation being much stronger. Due to the invite only nature of the site as well it means that the people on there are more focused and interesting than on some other sites.

15 Pinterest Invitations Up for Grabs!

Luckily for you guys I have teamed up with Pinterest to offer 15 invites to some of my followers and readers, so if you’d like to be added to the list for this fantastic site, please drop me a message with your email in it and a short description of how you would use Pinterest and why you would find it useful and we’ll send you an email invite! The Pinterest site also offers a wonderful Pin It tool that you can add to your toolbar that makes pinning interesting things online very simple and fun!

You can check out my boards at below is a print screen of part of one of my boards:

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9 thoughts on “Pinteresting Stuff

  1. This looks amazing – just had a nosey at your ‘my style’ board and I can definitely see the twiggy and emma pillsbury influences in your pics… oh and I adore hello kitty! x

    1. Glad you like it. Do you want to receive an invite to join via email? Just let me know how you’d like to use it and I’ll forward your request onto the team. I’m a little bit obsessed with Hello Kitty and anything of that kind of cute Japanese style.

  2. I would love a Pinterest invite! I’m planning to use it for home design inspiration, and probably loads of other things I haven’t even discovered yet. Thank you!

  3. Would love an invite to pinterest!

  4. I plan to use it for home decor, photography, food….list goes on and on. I love this website!!!

  5. I think Pinterest could be just what I need for my over-inspired brain. I’ve been getting internet aversion lately, and I think it is just because there is too much for my brain to process now. I read so many blogs and favourite so many things on etsy, flickr etc these days that I can never find what I’m looking for after the fact. It would be great to group things together and have them all in one handy place, especially for crafty projects and house-type ideas.

    ps I love Adam And The Ants (as featured in your rock and roll inspiration). They were my favourite band as a teenager, which was long after they had gone out of fashion. I painted a truly awful (so awful it was kind of great) monotone/silhouette portrait of Adam Ant when I was about 13. I remember my teacher laughing at it rather a lot. I still have it though.

  6. Hi Jayne, yes please I would love an invite. Planning to use it as a make up, hair and fashion scrapbook – this will save me time cutting everything out of magazines!!
    Yes.. you could take one look inside my car and describe me as a Hello Kitty obsessive lol 🙂 I think that’s why I’m so in love with Eyeko packaging too!
    Thanks x

  7. […] been on Pinterest for many, many years. I was actually invited to blog about them back in 2011 when it was an invite only site and I gave away invitations as a competition prize. Ever since then […]

  8. […] been on Pinterest for many, many years. I was actually invited to blog about them back in 2011 when it was an invite only site and I gave away invitations as a competition prize. Ever since then […]

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