Shop of the Week: Life’s Big Canvas

Ok so I’m going to attempt to make a weekly post about a Shop of the Week to share with you guys. Here is one that I’ve been meaning to share for a very long time, it’s called Life’s Big Canvas and I first came across it in Birds Yard, Leeds, where ‘Pesky’ Chloe now has her own concession.

I’ve waited to share them with you as well because they have just recently launched the most awesome webshop, which you must check out: http://www.lifesbigcanvas.co.uk/

Run by the eccentric, multi-skilled ‘Pesky’ Chloe, she is a painter and a jewellery maker and makes all kinds of accessories out of pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Her range is diverse, fun and very quirky.

I love her kitsch food items at the moment and her Scrabble items. I love Chloe’s attitude of being able to make something beautiful and useful out of items that would otherwise end up in the bin, it’s a refreshing attitude that I’d like to see more of!

Life’s Big Canvas can be found on their very active Facebook fan page too.

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