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So you would probably all agree that a red lipstick is a must have for any make up bag, and especially important for a vintage fan! Over the last year I’ve come across some brands that many people may not have heard about, who produce amazing quality and lovely packaging. Here are my top Red Lipstick finds, from some brands that you might not of heard of before.

Rockalily Makeup is new brand, run by the lovely Ree Ree Rockette, who I interviewed a few months ago. This is her company that she has been working hard on bringing to the market. Her range currently only sells red lipstick and is strongly inspired by the vintage, Rockabilly scene. The classic black packaging is classy and sophisticated and there is a shade to suit every person.

My next lovely red lipstick is from my make up love, Lime Crime, run by the beautiful Doe Deere, this range is colourful and inspired by fairytales, rainbows and unicorns. The packaging is the initial draw, as it’s lilac with holographic unicorns on it! Most of the ranges colours are quirky colours like pastel green, yellow, blue and hot pink. However in Retrofuturist you get a classic cherry red lipstick, which smells like cocoa butter, it’s moisturising and stays on for ages! It looks pinky in the tube, but as you can see from the swatch it’s a delicious cherry shade.

Lipstick Queen by Poppy King, which is available in Space NK stores in the UK is another range that is inspired by history. This range is extremely good quality, which is represented in it’s higher price point. Check out the 90 percent pigementation range, which is entitled Sinner, this range is amazing, great matte colours in a range of delicious reds.

If you’re looking for a truly authentic red lipstick, check our Besame Cosmetics, a range where it’s entire design has been taken from historic designs and formulas. Check out this classic red, in it’s beautiful vintage style packaging, it’s complete red lipstick heaven.

And finally, I can’t complete any make up blog without mentioning, my current obsessions, Illamasqua, whose Encounter red lipstick is my latest purchase. I reviewed this in a earlier blog post. But here’s the website image. This is a true vintage style matte red, with great staying power. Annoyingly, I can’t find a good photo of that shade, so check out my review here.

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4 thoughts on “Cult Status Red Lipsticks

  1. I used to work for Space NK and was there for the launch of Lipstick Queen. I even have a few 🙂

  2. Beautiful lipstick post! I do believe everyone should own a red lipstick. It’s such a classy, vintage inspired addition.

    1. Thanks for the comment! So true, every girl needs the glamour of red lipstick whether it be the traditional retro red or a delicious black cherry shade.

  3. This makes me want to buy a new red lipstick. I rarely wear it because it doesn’t suit me at all, but i do love it xxx

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