Optimistic: New Perfume by Paul Smith

Oh how I love Paul Smith, true British style, elegance and fun. I’ve been a fan of Paul Smith fragrance for years and have owned ever single one of them, they always have lovely packaging and delightful fruity, floral fragrances. My favourites have been Floral by Paul Smith, which comes in a quite odd bottle that resembles a babies bottle, the scent it is a delicious grapefruit based fruity scent, perfect for the Summer. I also love Rose by Paul Smith, a combination of traditional rose scent with a mixture of green tea, violet and magnolia, due to the rose oil content, the price tends to be higher, but it is just a perfect rose based fragrance.

Paul Smith have recently launched their latest scent, Paul Smith Optimistic, by the look of the advertising they are aiming at a younger audience than normal, the latest advert looks like it would come from Abercrombie or Jack Willis, rather than Paul Smith, which I would always connect with a more sophisticated audience. Never mind though, as it’s a nice image and all the models look very English and happy, which reflects the idea behind the fragrance.

Paul Smith himself, says that: “I wanted to create a fragrance that bottled the spirit of optimism – that captured the youthful enthusiasm and energy I see around me every day. It’s about time that someone made a positive statement,” Which is a lovely idea, and makes me understand the ideas behind the promotional material.

Right, so you are wondering, what does it smell like? That main thing! As is recognisable with Paul Smith fragrance, Paul Smith Optimistic is another combination of fruit and floral. Her’s the description from the official Press Release:

“Top notes – A colourful fragrance: Optimistic for Her is inspired by pink shades and fuses pink berries, pink grapefruit, juicy litchi and elegant sweet peas.

 Heart notes – An upbeat fragrance: Optimistic for Her features energetic mandarin freshness twisted with the vitamin kick of cranberry and the soft but vibrant raspberry “macaroon” accord.

 Dry down notes – An idiosyncratic fragrance: Optimistic for Her is unusual and full of character with its touch of orris and incorporation of distinctive patchouli.”

Sounds delicious doesn’t it? My main excitement comes from the mention of “raspberry macaroon accord” and “pink berries”, it makes my mouth water. And makes me want to buy macaroons desperately.

If you want to know about the Gent’s version, it sounds equally delicious, here’s the fragrance notes from the Press Release:

“Top notes – An upbeat fragrance: Optimistic for Him has a vigorous and joyful impact with sparkling citrus and mysterious and exotic pepper and cardamom.

 Heart notes – A fresh fragrance: Optimistic for Him gives an impression of virile marine freshness through its sage and geranium notes.

 Dry down notes – A sensual fragrance: Optimistic for Him has a bottom that is warm, woody and seductive, with cedar, vetiver and amber.”

My husband’s signature fragrance when I met him was the original Paul Smith fragrance for Him, in the green bottle and it still makes me smile. Lovely scent.

What makes you Optimistic?

For me, I feel optimistic when the morning is sunny and the birds are singing, I love living somewhere pretty and with that start to the day, it just makes want to go outside. I feel optimistic when I walk through the local park and see all the happy people walking their dogs, I also love seeing the deers in the park too.

Check out the Paul Smith Optimistic Facebook fan page for competitions and updates!

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