Another quick blog from my iPhone, I’m reckoning lots of nice mini blogs are better than none?! So here comes more Instagram photos for you! A long standing love for me has got to be heart shaped things and heart motifs on fashion items, especially in my signature red and blue combination that I wear so much! Here are a selection on my heart shaped wardrobe faves.




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  1. I still love hearts! remember my first apartment, I was so pleased to put a red heart shaped rug in front of my sink. I love the pictures you have posted, Jayne. I don’t have any of those items, so I’m quite admiring them! xx

    1. Heart shaped rug? That sounds awesome, not sure the hubby would agree though!!

      1. No worries, When I had my first apartment, I was single and living alone. These days I don’t even have a rug in front of my sink. I have two and four-legged family members, so it’s easier to keep the tile floor clean without one! <3

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