Review: Lush Hair Moisturiser H’suan Wen Hua

Ok I’m back to blogging with a vengeance now I know I can write pretty well via my iPhone and now with the addition of my camera apps I have no excuse to get some good blogs done!

I’ve just used up the last of my Lush Hair Moisturiser, H’suan Wen Hua. I love it! Have only recently been rediscovering Lush items, always rated their treatment items and skincare, although found them too pricy. Now I’m working full time I can justify the cost!

So what is Lush’s H’suan Wen Hua like? At £7.99 it sounds a lot, however i got three treatments from it and my hair is very thick and shoulder length, so pretty good value when you consider the quality!

The product is an unattractive brown colour and a thick, shiny consistency, not too different from a regular conditioner texture.

The main scent is delicious cinnamon, makes me feel Christmassy! There are undertones of bay and rosemary too. You have to love the scent though as it lingers for about a week!

A quick glance at the ingredients you’ll know it will do good! Fresh bananas, avocado and egg will moisturise and add shine. Extra virgin olive oil also smooths and moisturises! Cinnamon leaf oil, rosemary oil and bay leaf infusion create the scent but I’m bot sure what other benefits they hold, anyone know?

The tub recommends leaving the product in for 20 mins, although due to the gentle recipe you could leave it in as long as you like! I like to spread it in generously, and bunch my hair under a shower cap for a couple of hours. Not a glamourous look but really makes a difference!

The results are very noticeable, leaving my hair smooth, full and shiny! I’d use it every week for sure! Plus as mentioned it scents your hair for about a week!

What do you think of Lush? Any faves?


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