Half Moon Manicure With Illamasqua Throb Nail Polish

I am so happy with my manicure today as I’ve finally managed to recreate Dita Von Teese style half moon manicured nails at home!

Here’s how:

1. Shape nails to an elegant oval shape, which works best for this look.

2. Apply a clear base coat (or base colour if you’re wishing to be creative). Allow this to dry.

3. Use self adhesive hole enforcer stickers (available from stationary shops) as a stencil, sticking in the desired locations on each nail.

4. Apply the colour coat, in this case I used Illamasqua Throb for a classic style. Apply the desired number of coats and allow to dry fully!

5. Gently remove the stickers, to reveal the half moon shapes! If you need to retouch, either reapply stencil or tidy with a cotton bud & nail polish remover.

6. Finish with a final coat of clear top coat for a completely glamourous, tidy finish.



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2 thoughts on “Half Moon Manicure With Illamasqua Throb Nail Polish

  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay a half moon manicure. must try this one day, when I have been good and got rid of my blogging backlog xx

  2. Looks awesome Jayne! x

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