Help Me: The Hunt for Attractive Shapewear

After the joy my last ‘help me’ post brought to some of the Twitter ladies, I received another plea for help from the lovely Lizzie of ChicUniqueUk, you can find her on Twitter by that name, or visit her quirky jewellery shop to find out more.

Here’s Lizzie’s letter to me…

Dear Aunty Jayne

I’ve always been a “skinny mini” and being only 5’2 I’ve always been well balanced but after having my third daughter almost two years ago I’ve not managed to shift that weight from around my waist. Yes my bust is bigger but from my belly button down it’s an unhappy place!! I have love handles to share!!

I do a little exercise, and walk everywhere and I don’t over eat yet I just can’t shift it.

Id love to know what fashion styles would now suit my mummyshape while keeping my cute quirky edge and which underwear, shape fixing or not that could smooth my silliohet and make me feel foxy again!

Also I have hideous legs!!!

Preying the fashion gods can help me

Distressed young (ish) mum

I really wish more people would realise the benefit of the right underwear, it’s so horrible seeing ladies in the skin tight fashions of today with all their lumpy bumpy bits showing, it’s gross. Then, on the other hand, you have people lusting after the bodies of celebrities or the curves of the vintage goddesses of the 40s and 50s, what many people seem to forget it that a.) celebrities have the time and money to have the best care available and therefore what you see if most likely not achievable on a real persons budget and b.) the ladies of the past understood the importance of the the right foundation garments and it’s the lingerie that is partly responsible for some of the gorgeous figures you see in old movies and photos.

As I’ve mentioned before, I think looking to the past is a great way to find style inspiration and ideas, as some of the looks are elegant and timeless.

Vintage Lingerie- Functional and Pretty

Modern lingerie is certainly going down a different route, in my opinion modern lingerie falls into one of two categories and rarely fits into both:

a.) Lingerie that is sexy and glamourous, designed for the bedroom, which is rarely comfortable and will be either ridiculously expensive or ridiculously cheap quality.

b.) Practical lingerie, think generic M&S basic t-shirt bras and multi pack knickers, usually extremely comfortable and durable but generally lacking in sexiness.

There seems to be a definite gap in the market for lingerie that can help create a great shape and help you feel sexy and glamourous (which in my mind all lingerie should make you feel good!)  As mentioned in my previous blog, there are a number of vintage inspired ranges that are making things easier for us. You might find yourself paying out a little more but, here are my top brands for beautiful shapewear which will do it’s job and look great!

1. What Katie Did, a must see vintage inspired lingerie boutique range which started out just selling fully fashioned seamed stockings and now features a full range of corsetry, basques, bodies, girdles and bullet bras. Corsets are a bit heavy duty for everyday use, but I would highly recommend the What Katie Did Girdles and Bodies, they are well structured to smooth and shape the body, but will still feel sexy to wear. You probably won’t want to venture into Bullet Bra styling, but these Matrisse Girdles are great as they are easy to match to other lingerie items and with the metal suspenders, they are very practical for holding up stockings, which are more practical than you might think and certainly make you feel very glamourous!

What Katie Did Matrisse Set

The What Katie Did Glamour Shapewear collection is heavier duty than the Matrisse line and comes in both black and cream, I would say this Corselette would be a great place to start.

What Katie Did Glamour Corselette

2. Kiss Me Deadly is similar to What Katie Did, but has a darker, gothic feel to the styling, you’ll find similar shapes but in sexier colours and fabrics. They’ve just realised a line of very cute high waisted knickers which would work well for shapewear and they’re in colours that will be easy to match with existing lingerie you have.

Kiss Me Deadly Eliza Cincher Brief

3. Marks & Spencer although well known for their dull basic lingerie are still worth a look, their pretty lingerie collections are well worth a look and on a recent trip to the shapewear section in the name of research, I spotted a few pieces worth looking at. Some of their basic shapewear items, with matching bras have been released in colours other than nude and black, there’s a cute set in purple at the moment, but I’m not going to post the photo as next to the lovely ladies above, it’s totally lower the tone of this post!

4. If you’re looking for a something uber sexy and something that is a bit of a splurge, you definitely need to check out Made by Niki. Vintage inspired designs with a sleek, sexy, modern twist, I can guarantee that this will be a range that you’ll lust after but will most likely (like me) never be able to afford! I love this shapewear dress is soft blue.

Made by Niki Shapewear

I hope this has helped you with some suggestions for new shops to check out, my top tip, every girl should wear big knickers! The right foundation garments make such a different to the appearance of an outfit. Something as simple as ensuring you’re wearing the right size of bra can transform your shape and the fit of clothes, it’s very important!

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