Homemade Beauty: Coconut Oil

I’ve always been interested in natural ingredients in both clothes & beauty products. So it is only natural that I decide to experiment with some natural oils for homemade hair, face & body beauty products.

This blog will cover my experimenting with Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is tricky to find on the High Street, but if you visit a health food store or natural beauty store you should be able to locate it in one form or another. I got mine from a natural beauty shop in Kingston called Panacea and the staff were very helpful and full of advise.

Coconut Oil in it’s raw form can be bought solid or liquid. The solid forms tend to come in a tub and depending on how it’s been refined may need some melting or warming in hands before use. I went for liquid as I thought it would be easier for me, a 100ml bottle cost around £5.

Coconut Oil for Hair

My hair is very long, thick and prone to extreme fluffy flyaways which means I constantly look like I’ve just got our of bed!! To use to Coconut Oil in your hair as an intense conditioning treatment, rub the oil into the hair whilst dry, focusing on where your hair is driest. Leave the oil in either over night or for a desired length of time then wash out.

The Coconut Oil left my hair smooth, frizz free and shiny. However, I think I applied too much or did not wash thoroughly as residue was left at my roots! (not attractive!) to avoid this next time I won’t be applying near my roots.

Coconut Oil for Face

I picked up this Coconut Oil facial treatment protocol off an online forum and love the results. You can use Coconut Oil as a heavy moisturiser, make up remover or treatment. I tried it as a treatment as felt it would be too heavy to leave on the skin overnight.

Warm a little oil in you hands and massage into the face and neck, keep massaging until you get bored! Apply warm water to a face cloth, wringe and lay it over you face, this will start to remove the oil and cleanse pores. As the warmth starts to go, wipe the oil off your face. Pat dry with a towel.

The immediate results were that my skin looked brighter and smooth, but after a bit of beauty sleep I was very impressed. My skin was bright, soft and plumper! Lovely!

Has anyone else tried Pure Coconut Oil for beauty?

P.S If you are sensitive, do a patch test first as you can be allergic to Coconut!



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5 thoughts on “Homemade Beauty: Coconut Oil

  1. Coconut oil is even more affective on wet hair. I use the solid stuff, it’s only a couple of quid from my local international food store. I just use it on my ends, it’s not needed by the roots.

    1. Ooo thanks for the tip Izzy! Do you apply it after washing and leave in? Or apply to wet hair then wash out? I’m trying to grown my hair and avoid hairdressers so trying out lots of natural remedies, next post will be about Olive Oil.

      1. If you haven’t already found it then take a look at the Long Hair Community. It’s full of great tips for growing long hair, the articles and forums are fantastic.

  2. […] shine to all hair types. It uses a Amino Acid to cleanse and moisturise the hair. It also contains Coconut Oil as we know is amazing as conditioning hair and Hydrolysed Wheat Protein (Phyto Peptide) helps […]

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