Introducing, Pure Bred Chihuahua by Marco Zaffino

A little plug for both my husband and my friend. Over a year ago, my hubby, Matthew Read decided to team up with our amazingly creative friend, Marco Zaffino to help him publish his debut novel. Marco is a photography, filmaker, screenwriter and novel writer, all around unique, creative and amazing! My husband, has a background in copywriting, journalism and editing, he’s a hard worker and ambitious. So as a team, things were looking exciting from the offset.

Today, we received the first editions of Pure Bred Chihuahua by Marco Zaffino, edited by Matthew Read and published by Matt’s new, little company, Pitseleh Publishing. The cover art was created by Marco’s genius wife, Becki Zaffino.

Here’s the blurb about this novel:

Pure Bred Chihuahua is the tale of a modern day visionary, Vernon Young. Trapped in a world of drugs, despair and destruction Vernon is taken under the wing of one Carmine D’Uccello, a diplomat in more than one sense of the word. With the aid of Carmine and his brilliant yet incestuously curious cousin Marigold, Vernon travels down a road filled with pain, anger and enlightenment, in an effort to find out more about the universe and his place in it. On his travels he crosses both mental and physical worlds and unlocks universal and personal secrets that will blow the mind and baffle the senses. With both help and hindrance coming to Vernon from far out worlds and dreams, can he makesense of himself, life and his ultimate purpose? Be prepared for an unforgettable and surreal tale that will make you question everything and everyone around you.

Pure Bred Chihuahua by Marco Zaffino is available from Amazon and direct from the publishers, for £6.99.

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