Liberty Hello Kitty Collection Launches Tomorrow

I can’t wait to see this! I’ve been excited about it ever since they announced it nearly a year ago. The Liberty Loves Hello Kitty line launches tomorrow (26th September) for two weeks. The line will feature cosmetics gifts, make up, stationary, umbrellas and more! I’m SO excited and so pleased that this arrives in time for pay day as I’m sure I’ll want most of it!

The launch will also see the line of Liberty Hello Kitty fabrics previously only available in Japan being rolled out worldwide. These are just the cutest, a range of traditional and not so traditional Liberty fabrics featuring subtle and not so subtle Hello Kitty appearances. It makes me wish I was more crafty, as I’d love to make something from these fabrics!

You can see the full range of fabrics online at Liberty, the one above is one of my faves and the colours that I would most likely something that I’d like to use or something.

What do you think? What would you most want for yourself?

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