Models Own Sale Purchases!

As many of you will be aware, Models Own recently held an insane 50% off sale to celebrate reaching 50,000 Facebook fans. Despite technical glitches, being ridiculously busy & being inundated with comments on their Facebook, they made it! A week after my order was placed I received my items yesterday.

I got Lip Balm in red, Red Wine Lipstick, Turkish Delight Nail Polish & Juicy Jules Nail Polish. I will be reviewing these as I go!

My first item that I tried was the Juicy Jules Nail Polish, so I shall review that now!!

After enjoying my Barry M blue glitter polish, I was very excited to try Juicy Jules which features silver & holographic fine glitter particles in a clear base. It’s like a disco ball!!

I was sad to find that a stroke of Juicy Jules did not provide a solid glitter effect, that I was used to with the Barry M polishes, however it dried quickly and four coats later I got the solid glitter look I wanted!

This colour is so sparkly & pretty, but wish that the solid glitter look was easier! However, this feature does make it more versatile!

Here are my pics!



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7 thoughts on “Models Own Sale Purchases!

  1. woohoo, i bought jules as well. Must get some special stuff to remove it and then I will try it on my nails 🙂 yay xx

    1. The downfall of glitter polish for sure, mega difficult to remove!! My tip? Lots of scrubbing!

  2. I gave up trying to order, but would have ordered Juicy Jules too! xx

    1. It is such a shame how many problems were encountered by Models Own, they must have been so overwhelmed! Luckily I had no problems with my order!

  3. Your nails look great with Juicy Joules! If you layer a,pale grey (i use rimmel 60 seconds in the Palestine grey they stock) underneath the glitter polish you only need a max of 2 layers of glitter for full coverage 🙂 x

    1. Thanks for the tip! I was wondering about this idea but don’t have a grey polish at the moment.

  4. I ordered Juicy Jules, and boy is it a blinger – I love it 🙂

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