New Product News: Red or Dead Release First Perfume

I can’t believe it’s taken this iconic British brand to create their first perfume! I’m so excited though, I’ve been such a fan of Red or Dead for ages. I’m managed to get hold of some information and images of this exciting new product launch. I just love the design and the advert and would be convinced to buy the perfume on that merit alone! When I read that the scent mixed rose, plum, jasmine and orange blossom, I became even more excited, sounds like my perfect scent!

I really want to be the lady in this photo, it’s so perfect and I love her beautiful red hair!

Here’s what the press release says:

Red or Dead have yet another eccentric addition to their unique collection, a fragrance for women, evocatively named Release Me. Teaming up with Fragrance and Beauty Creations Limited, they have created a fun, unconventional scent that encapsulates the brand’s values; inside and out!

The fragrance is soft, fun and fruity. An undeniably alluring feminine scent, that opens with vibrant top notes of rose and plum, descending into heart notes of jasmine and orange blossom that crescendo into base notes of tuberose, coconut and cedar wood, that lingers to leave an indelible impression; gone but never forgotten.

I want it! It’s out now and retails at only £25.00 for 50ml or £35 100ml

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