Random Release: Sephora Tarte True Blood Make Up Collection

I just stumbled upon this whilst browsing the wonderful Sephora site. (I really wish we had Sephora in the UK, it’s totally the best make up shop ever) Anyway, how random is this? Make Up brand Tarte, have teamed up with HBO television show, True Blood (a show I’m obsessed with!), working with the head make up artist from the show, Brigette Myre-Ellis the collection feature a pallette, cheek stain and a chunky lip tint pencil.

The Tarte for True Blood cheek stain and lip tint pencil and pretty self explanatory. The Palette features, 17 limited edition eyeshadows, with very True Blood inspired names along with a mascara, eye primer and liquid eyeliner. Here’s the descriptions of the eye colours, so you can see how cheesy the names are…

The Light (shimmering warm ivory), Fairy (shimmering pink), Dusk (matte warm taupe), Dawn (shimmering gold dust), Werewolf (matte chocolate), Waitress (sparkling pink champagne), Nocturnal (sparkling deep indigo), Charmer (sparkling burnt copper), Glamour Me (sparkling deep plum), Stake (matte steel), Bayou (shimmering golden tan), Telepath (sparkling warm rose), The True Death (sparkling silver), Immortal (sparkling midnight black), Moss (shimmering forest green), Legend (deep matte black), “V” (sparkling crimson).

I have no idea what the quality would be like, as I’ve not come across Tarte before, but from the reviews I’ve read, it appears to be a top quality line. I find it very strange that True Blood has decided to create make up line, but it seems to be a very American thing to create. Sephora seems to have a whole array of novelty and collaborative collections. I wonder why these kinds of collections never make it over here? Yes, we have MAC’s numerous collaborative collections, but there isn’t much else.

Simply, I just love America and I love Sephora!

To find out more about the line you can find it on the Sephora website or check out the ever wonderful Temptalia blog.

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6 thoughts on “Random Release: Sephora Tarte True Blood Make Up Collection

  1. What happened to Sephora? There used to be one in the Bentalls centre! I miss it!

    1. As far as I’m aware we no longer have any Sephora stores in the UK, only knew about it from my US trip. Amazing store wish we could have in UK no idea why it didn’t last!

  2. I recently discovered Tarte’s mascara (the Gifted one is my favorite) and it is amazing! I got to look at this cheek stain in Ulta one day and it has sparkles in it! I am super tempted… it’s pretty fab. 🙂

    1. I don’t think we have this line in the UK, I’ll have to look out for it! I’d love something from the True Blood line though.

  3. Hello there! Tarte is amazing! They’re all natural and wonderful for sensitive skin. I’m a makeup artist in London, and you can find tart at john lewis near the BeneFit counter!

    1. Thanks Abbi! I’ll be sure to take a look next time in there. Are there any must try products that you’d recommend?

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