Review: Illamasqua Kiss Powder Blusher

As you are probably aware, I am a huge fan of the Illamasqua brand, so I was delighted to pick up this Blusher for only £10 in the sale at the Beak Street store. I had not yet tried a Illamasqua blush, so this was a great thing to pick up as I want to review more beauty products on here, but I’m a careful spender. I was also keen to try a new blush after sticking with the same one for so long, having seen lots of bloggers write about their blusher collections, I became intrigued, as it wouldn’t usually be a product that would excite me.

Kiss Blusher, is a perfect choice for everyday it’s a matt finish rose pink shade, with terracotta undertones. As with most Illamasqua products, this one is also highly pigmented meaning you only need the tiniest amount to do the job, which is great as it means it will last longer too. I was surprised to discover that this blusher also has a lovely cocoa butter scent which I was not expecting, but thoroughly enjoyed.

I apply the blusher with one of my Youngblood Contour Brushes and sweep gently onto the apples of my cheeks and the cheek bones, in my usual style. As mentioned before, this is highly pigmented so you need to be careful as it would be very easily overdone.

Here it in on me, with otherwise minimal make up, I love how to stands out subtly against my pale skin, it’s the traditional English Rose look that I like but with a quality product that I know will last throughout the day. I’m sorry I look a bit glum, this is the first time in a long time that I’ve taken a self portrait and the first time ever that I’ve not photoshopped it!

Which blushers do you rate? What should I try next? Do you love Illamasqua as much as I do?

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