Review: Lime Crime Lipstick Centrifuchsia and Countessa Fluorescent

Ok, here’s another Lime Crime review because I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but have only recently gotten into reviewing beauty products properly. I’ve had my Lime Crime lipsticks for over a year and purchased Centrifuchsia especially for my wedding. You have to love the Lime Crime styling, the website, the packaging, the product names, everything is mega fun.

Here’s the products in their full glory, featuring holographic unicorns on the purple pink tubes, how could you not want to own one of these?

And here are the two colours that I own, the pale one is Countessa Fluorescent and the darker one is Centrifuchsia (my fave!) You’ll love how these lippies smell too, they are deliciously scented of cocoa butter, making them smell and feel extra luxurious.

And of course, you’ll want to know about the pigmentation of these lipsticks since they are at the higher end of the price spectrum! Only one slick and with both shades you get a opaque, strong colour. Centrifuchsia stains your lips it’s so strong and Countessa Fluorescent isn’t as strong, but still only needs one layer. Here they are swatched straight from the stick. Centrifuchsia is the dark shade and Countessa Fluorescent is the pale shade.

Both finishes are slightly glossy, your standard lipstick texture, the cocoa butter content makes them nice and moisturising when on. I find that Centrifushsia has the greatest staying power of the two as it works like a stain, Countessa Fluorescent will need reapplication and would be best applied over primed lips.

This is me wearing Centrifuchsia on both my lips and my cheeks, the creamy texture of this lipstick makes an ideal product for blending into your cheeks and I just love the colour! As you can see, this colour isn’t so terrifying on, it’s warming and I reckon it suits a lot of skin types. This applies very well straight from the stick, although for tidy lines I always neaten up with a lipbrush.

And here is Countess Fluorescent, certainly a trickier shade to wear, it looks best on warmer skin tones I think, so I’m not 100% convinced about it on me at the moment, I like it more in the Summer, but I’m so pale I think a pale lipstick drains me a little, what do you think? As mentioned previously, this one works best over primed lips and doesn’t stay put as long as Centrifuchsia. Here’s the EXTREME close up!

I’ve recently discovered that these colours actually mix quite nicely, so to warm up this colour I layered it with Centrifuchsia to find a third colour which I think is a nice middle shade, what do you think?

Hope you enjoyed my post, this is still new territory for my blog, so please let me know how you think I’m doing with my beauty reviewing!


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4 thoughts on “Review: Lime Crime Lipstick Centrifuchsia and Countessa Fluorescent

  1. someone is a big fan of lime crime 🙂 i dont blame you. i have the orange lime crime (forgot the name) and I cant get enough of it. love it! centrifucshia is quite WOW x

    1. Is it Cosmopop you have or My Beautiful Rocket? Have they featured on your blog? I’ll have to take a look!

  2. The flush of pink on your cheeks is very flattering, it makes your eyes pop – just lovely, Jayne!

    1. Thanks Sarah, I love it on my cheeks. Just checked out your blog, your make skills are amazing I’ll be certainly trying out some of your looks!

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