Review: Lime Crime Magic Dust in Twilight

Todays review is from another of my favourite brands, Lime Crime! Created by the beautiful, creative Doe Deere (you should check out her blog, it’s amazing) this American line currently offers lipsticks and eyeshadows (Magic Dusts) in a range of outrageous, fun colours inspired by candy, unicorns and fairy tales. It’s unlike any other range I’ve ever seen, super fun and top quality too. The American site does ship to the UK and the service is amazing, however, you can also find their products in the UK at Space NK.

Anyway, this review is about the Magic Dust in Twilight which one of my lovely friends bought me as a gift at Christmas last year.

Here it is in it’s truly gorgeous packaging, I’m a sucker for some pretty packaging, it’s such a simple thing but makes it feel more special and exciting. All Lime Crime make up features the shiny Unicorn logo. This was an awesome gift as well because it’s so tiny, when it was wrapped up it was the cutest package and very mysterious!

The Twilight shade of the Lime Crime Magic Dust is a classic purple, with lots of iridescent and purple particles in it. All of the Magic Dusts are loose powders (similar to Barry M Dazzle Dust) and come in a sifter pot so that you can moderate how much comes out. Mine’s been in my make up bag though, so a lot has emptied outside of the sifter bit.

Used with a dry brush, the Lime Crime Magic Dusts apply very sheer, which isn’t a bad thing as this makes the product more versatile, this one looks lovely sheer as it would just add a lovely glittery sparkle. For the full effect apply wet or with a primer for an intense colour. Here is what they look like swatched…P.S This is my first ever swatch, I hope it’s useful!

Now before you see these photos, let me remind you that I’m no pro when it comes to apply eye make up and I’m in some serious need of some practise! But I always think you need to see the product in the place it was intended to fully appreciate it. These were applied with a damp brush.

Have you tried any Lime Crime make up? What’s your favourite? Mine is Centrifuschia lipstick.

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