Review: Models Own Lip Balm in Red Hot & Lipstick in Red Wine

These are two of the items I bought in the Models Own sale that took place recently, bought purely on impulse and not really something that I needed! I got a lip balm in Red Hot in the hopes of finding a gently coloured moisturising lip balm for every day and lipstick in Red Wine in hopes for a dark shade of red that would work for the autumn. I’d previously had my eye on Lipstick Queen by Poppy King in Wine Sinner, so hoped that this Models Own one might be a cheaper alternative. Here they are in their packaging:

The lip balm is in a small pot, slightly too small to fit your finger in, in my opinion, plus because the colour is very strong I’d advise using a brush so as not to stain your finger! Which I think kinda defeats the point of a lip balm, as usually you want something that is easy and quick to apply. The lipstick is your traditional bullet. Here are the two colours swatched, the darker colour is the lipstick in Red Wine and the other is the lip balm in Red Hot.

Both are a nice smooth consistency for a smooth application and a moisturising feel on first application. I love the colours, the Red Hot lipbalm is a classic primary red with a nice sheen to it and the Red Wine lipstick is a dark red with a creamy texture, I would say that the Red Wine lipstick swatches paler than I had hoped, I was hoping more for a autumn leaf red, this one is a bit closer to your classic red.

Here’s the Red Wine lipstick on the lips, apologies for the slightly wonky application! But at least you can see the colour in the correct location. A nice finish and a nice shade, unfortunately nothing like the Poppy King Wine shade I was after, but still a useful shade. I would say that this lipstick although it feels moisturising, this feeling doesn’t last as long as I would hope and easily smudges, but I think for the lower price point, this is acceptable. The lipstick colour does stain though, meaning that once the residue of the lipstick has rubbed off, you are still left with some colour.

The lip balm, as mentioned does stain, so do not apply with your finger, the colour is a primary red and very gloss, I prefer this to the lipstick, although the bright colour isn’t as wearable as I’d hope, I was expecting more of a tint, but this colour is very strong.

I also think that the two colours I went for are very similar, so if you want a Models Own red lip colour you only need to choose one of these two. I’m still sticking with my Illamasqua Encounter lipstick as my signature lip colour though, as the pigment is amazing and the staying power unrivalled. Detailed review of this gem coming soon!

Which is your signature red lipstick? What do you think of Models Own lip colour?

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