Review: Sephora Hello Kitty ‘Say Hello’ Palette

How cute is this Hello Kitty Sephora palette? I was lucky enough to get this bought for me as a gift, when my parents visited New York earlier this year. The Hello Kitty shaped palette came in two colour ways, I got ‘Say Hello’ which contains more everyday, muted shades, the compact itself features a good sized mirror and two layers, one contains four eyeshadows and one contains four lip glosses. The exterior of this pretty thing has a gorgeous white, pearlescent finish and a silver, diamond cut bow, how could you not want one of these?

Here are the eye colours, four shades, all with a metallic, pearlescent tone. There is a Ice Cream, Peppermint, Airplane and Chocolate Milk. How cute are those names? The top layer also features the nice sized mirror. Only odd thing about this palette is that it doesn’t come with any applicators, but I know lots of you will be pleased of this, as there are no rubbish sponge applicators to complain about!

Here are the colours swatched with my finger, they haven’t come out the best, as the colours are quite sheer when applied in one layer, but the shimmer is just lovely and I think that comes across in these pictures.

The lip gloss level doesn’t have a mirror, but has four lip gloss shades, which are each scented to represent their names! The colours are called Baby Pink, Strawberry Jam, Springtime and Peach Pudding. I didn’t swatch these as they aren’t different enough to show up. Basically, it seems that it is the scents that vary and not the actual colours. I love the scent of the Strawberry Jam colour, it smells just as you would expect it to! Please note, that Baby Pink does not smell of Baby.

I was creative today, especially for blog pictures and used all four shades in an eye look for you, hope you will like. Although, for some reason, I forgot to apply mascara, so the look is not quite complete, but at least you can see how the colours work together. I would say that the purple shade, Airplane, isn’t as purple as it looks and is a more silvery version of the Ice Cream shade, whereas the green and brown shades are much more distinct.

I’ve got one of the lipglosses on here too, which you’ll see has little colour, but a nice sheen to it and it’s not very sticky which is nice. I used all four shades on my eyes and the brown shade for my brows. My foundation and blusher are from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics (for whom I work for!).

What do you think? Nice daytime look isn’t it? Who else thinks that Sephora should come back to the UK?

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